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Devoted to Exploring and Nurturing Talents In Performing Arts

Jigsaw Arts Theatre brings together artists, educators, students and performing art enthusiasts in Australia and beyond, who are devoted to exploring and nurturing talents in the performing arts.

A Premier Theatre Institution for Training Professional Artists 

Beyond theatre production, we are a reputable training institution offering a range of training programmes in performing arts.

Jigsaw Arts Theatre is a registered training institution that prioritises your success through training in performing arts. Our in-house productions have a great value for the accredited training options that we provide in our classes.

Our children’s theatre division is a centre for excellence in the training of kids on strong artistic values and innovative technical production.

Indiscriminate Theatre Production and Training

We create and produce quality engaging theatre that is accessible to all ages and our training programmes are open to everyone including kids. We supplement our classes with workshops that bring together artists, educators, scholars, students and theatre lovers.

Our Staff

Office staff

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Our History

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Our Costume line

Your demand is our command

At Jigsaw Arts Theatre, we have unrivalled collection of costume designs that help production companies fulfil their requirements for large-scale commercial hires. We pride ourselves in having a wide range of costumes and accessories which also includes a variety of authentic vintage costumes that date back so many years ago.

Our costume line caters for children’s theatre, musical theatre and full-scale plays. We however do not hire to private individuals.

Our Clients

  • Theatre companies
  • Schools
  • Film & media companies

Our profits are ploughed back into costume production.

In need of a costume for your play or film, Contact our costume curator

Partnerships and Sponsors

Our brand is popular and so when you partner with us we align your company, products or services with our brand. Through such alignment, you get full exposure to your target customers through our highly popular channels, including pre-show advertisements, production programmes, our electronic billboards and through our huge online presence.

When you partner with us, you also win yourself a position in the list of patriotic companies that are strong supporters of the local performing arts production and development of emerging local talents. 

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Contact our liaison office so that we can forge a mutually beneficial partnership


Group and School Bookings

Our range of classic productions that spans classic fairy tales and children stories is as fascinating to adults as they are to children.  

You can join the hundreds of thousands of performing art lovers in our upcoming performances.  

Contact us to discuss your booking