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Re-opening Jigsaw Arts Theatre

The performance arts industry in Australia has been operating in strict compliance with COVID-19 safe plans developed by Ausdance National in collaboration with Queensland and BlackDance.

We will be resuming operations at 100% capacity following the easing of restrictions on live performance and theatre venues.

Even though we are excited to be returning to a sense of normalcy we cannot afford to drop our guards. The implications and possible consequences of not following laid down safety measures have not been lost on us. It is therefore our responsibility to ensure we are doing everything in our capacity to keep our community safe.

Limiting Personal Exposure and Protecting Others

We advise that patrons, students, volunteers and staff should wear masks appropriately at all times where there is a risk of being exposed or exposing others to infection.  

Besides wearing masks, we emphasise personal hygiene practices listed below within and around our performance theatre venues.

  • Physical distance must be maintained as much as is practical
  • Frequent hand washing or using alcohol-based sanitisers must be observed
  • Do not share water bottles or personal equipment
  • Avoid touching the face
  • Limit touching of surfaces
  • Covering your sneezes and coughs

Keeping Jigsaw Arts Theatre Safe

We strictly monitor compliance with safety measures by anyone coming to our theatre. Our staffs are strategically positioned at the entry points to measure your body temperatures and offer you a hand sanitiser.

Our patrons and visitors are also required to fill in their details prior to visiting our theatre for purposes of contact tracing. We use an app as well as an online form to capture these details and we encourage our guests to access them through links on our website before visiting.

Some of the regulations put in place are unpleasant and can be frustrating. We however ask you to be respectful to our staff and volunteers by cooperating with them to ensure the safety, comfort and well-being of our community.

We have also put adequate cleaning and disinfection protocol in place. These include regular common surface disinfection, disinfection of high-touch points and common use equipment between activities and regular cleaning of bathroom amenities used for personal sanitation.

When you should not come to the theatre

  • When you are feeling unwell, or you have flu-like symptoms or have travelled overseas in the last two weeks
  • When you are required to self-isolate under laws aimed at reducing the spread of COVID-19
  • When you are COVID-19 positive
  • When you or a member of your household has been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19
  • When you or a member of your household has been in close contact with anyone displaying COVID-19 symptoms
  • When you or a member of your household has travelled overseas in the last two weeks
  • When you or a member of your household has travelled to a COVID-19 hotspot in Australia in the last two weeks

All visitors who enter Jigsaw Arts Theatre do so at their own risk. While we are operating under approved COVID Safe Plans, the risk of transmission cannot be ruled out and we assume that all visitors have assessed this risk while deciding to attend our theatre.